Area attractions

See some of the attractions of the region with great natural and historical significance.

The short distances give you the opportunity to visit sights brimming with natural and historical improtance. Sights which, like a moth to a flame, draw thousands of visitors to their wild beauty. .

Archaeological sites

More specifically, 20 kilometres away you will find famous destinations such as Moni Preveli, the archaeological sites of Festos, Gortina, the legendary labyrinth with the Minotaur and churches of the Byzantium era with murals painted by El Greco in the areas of Vrontisi and Valsamonero.

Natural Landscapes

For nature-lovers, must see routes are the Canyon of Rouvas, the lake of Zaros as well as the impressive Faneromeni Damn.

For the more daring, Mt. Psiloritis stands tall a few kilometres away, waiting for those who will dare to walk its steep paths.

Beaches to visit

On the opposite coast, where the Asterousia are, you will find." virgin " beaches (such as Maridaki, Lentas, Ligres, Trafoulas) with unique charasteristics which will greatly reward you.

Flea markets are held every Friday in Timbaki, as well as every Saturday in Mires. There, you can get a taste of the area’s remarkable culture.

Latitude: 35.024365
Longitude: 24.759646

Alexander Beach
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